BESS Systems

Generac’s Stationary Battery Energy storage system (SBE) is the latest addition to a portfolio of products and technologies helping commercial and industrial customers to meet their current and future energy goals. The SBE energy storage systems enable commercial and industrial customers to:

1. Reduce peak demand charges and save on energy costs.

2. Pair with on-site solar and lower both carbon footprint and energy costs.

3. Provide site resilience during brownouts/power quality issues, back up critical loads during shorter duration blackouts and pair with our line of gas and diesel generators for full facility resilience during long duration blackouts.

4. Earn additional revenue by monetizing the asset to support broader grid resilience.

Available with power outputs ranging from 125kW to 1MW, and storage from 250kWh to 1MWh, Generac’s SBE units are ideal for providing power resilience, and even grid independence, for your business. They can also maximize the value of existing or new on-site solar and enable carbon reduction.

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