Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) solutions for business, IT, industrial, medical and broadcasting applications. All Toshiba UPSs are true on-line, double conversion units, providing conditioned power during normal operation. All UPSs come with a full three-year warranty backed by Toshiba’s 24/7 technical support.


All Toshiba UPSs are equipped for remote-monitoring and control via a standard RS232 communications port or a dry contact interface. The RS232 port can be driven either by a custom interface or the optional Toshiba RemotEyeII® network interface card. An industrial Modbus protocol option is also available.

  • Toshiba UPSs are available in a range of sizes:
    • Single-Phase: 1 to 22 KVA
    • Three-Phase: 15 to 2,000 KVA
  • Modular three-phase units can be combined in redundant/parallel combinations of up to eight units total, without additional control circuitry.
  • Power distribution options include maintenance bypass panels, power distribution units (PDU), and remote power panels (RPP).
  • Toshiba UPSs offer emergency backup energy storage via batteries for all models (VLRA or flooded) and flywheel for some three-phase models.

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