TWEgen® Remote Power Systems

Engineered and developed by TW Enterprises, Inc. for the rugged application, the TWEgen® is designed for unique industrial applications. Each is powered by an industrial Honda engine and is MIL-SPEC rated, installed with a brushless, with triple-dipped windings, fully epoxy-encapsulated, BALDOR generator. This system’s home is where there is no power.

Options available on all models:

  • Propane tank
  • Trailer mounting
  • Electric Speed (ES) Controller

Unique Features & Options

  • Auto-Start & Load Transfer
  • Electronic Timer Start
  • TWEgen Pipeline System
  • Remote Off-Site Monitoring
  • Winter Base Heater
  • Low Well Sensor

Uncompromised Quality

  • Kawasaki Industrial Engines
  • Internally Regulated Mil Spec Generators
  • Rugged Enclosure
    • 12 Gauge Steel
    • Fully Enclosed
    • Powder Coat Painted


  • Remote Well-Site
    • Automatic
  • Remote Home or Cabin
    • 2 wire auto-start
  • Solar System Back-up
    • Solar system command

TWEgen® Models (Propane)

TWE50 GAH 6500 Watt

The TWE50GAH Remote Well-Site Generator will adequately start and run up to a 3 HP pump.

TWE80 GAH 8000 Watt

The TWE80GAH will adequately start and run up to a 4 HP pump.
Shown with optional propane tank and trailer mount.

TWE80 GAH-ES 8000 Watt

The TWE80GAH-ES brings in the addition of an Electric Speed (ES) Controller that allows it to adequately start and run up to a 5 HP pump.

The Electric Speed Controller model is now also available for Solar System Back-Up, Home or Remote Cabin use.

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