Portable Generators

Ideal for applications needing a reliable temporary power supply, or for those where a permanently installed generator isn’t feasible, Generac mobile power generators are fully customizable and can go wherever they are needed, from desert heat to arctic cold.

LP Series

Generac’s portable propane generators are the first to bring the benefits of liquid propane together with an easy-to-transport design. These revolutionary generators are surprisingly compact and easily maneuverable, and are ideal for a variety of uses.

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iX Series

Generac’s iX Series inverter technology takes the raw power produced by the generator and passes it through a special electronic microprocessor to provide clean and stable power, safe for computers and other sensitive electronic devices.  Designed for life on the road, its durable, lightweight, compact design with built-in handle offers portable power for camping, tailgating, and recreational use.

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XP Series

The undisputed workhorse of the portable market, Generac’s NEW professional grade XP Series portable generators are engineered specifically with contractors and construction sites in mind. All models are powered by the Generac OHVI® engine designed specifically for generators and built to withstand extended job site use. The XP Series is noticeably more substantial than most portable generators, sporting impact-resistant cast metal corners and a heavy-duty, hardened steel tube cradle. Integrated handle supports and brackets are engineered as part of the casting for even more durability.

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XG Series

The premium quality power and reliable performance of Generac’s XG Series comes from Generac’s OHVI® engine. Depend on this rugged unit to provide years of reliable power to your event or job site.

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GP Series

Power the fun stuff or cover an emergency
With a GP Series portable generator, you get affordable reliability and features not usually found on basic portable models. That’s why these generators are a favorite for home use, camping, job sites, or outdoor events.

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