GP Series

Power the fun stuff or cover an emergency
With a GP Series portable generator, you get affordable reliability and features not usually found on basic portable models. That’s why these generators are a favorite for home use, camping, job sites, or outdoor events.

Features common to GP Series generators include:

  • NEW! Compact design that provides an unparalleled power-to-weight ratio.
  • NEW! Covered outlets for added protection from the environment and rugged working conditions.
  • A large steel fuel tank with easy-to-read fuel gauge provides durability and extended run times.
  • A hardened steel tube cradle that’s thicker than many competitive units for added strength and durability.
  • Generac’s OHV engines with cast-iron cylinder sleeves for reliability.
  • An ergonomic fold-down locking handle to make transport and storage easy.
  • Low oil shutdown that detects a low oil level and shuts the engine down to prevent engine damage.
  • Heavy-duty never-flat wheels for reliable portability.

For detailed specifications for each model of our Generac Portable GP series use the Product Inquiry button:

GP1800 Spec Sheet

GP3250 Spec Sheet

GP3250 Spec Sheet (California)

GP5500 Spec Sheet

GP5500 Spec Sheet (California)

GP5500 Spec Sheet (Canada)

GP6500 Spec Sheet

GP6500E Spec Sheet

GP6500 Spec Sheet (Canada)

GP6500 Spec Sheet (California)

GP7500E Spec Sheet

GP7500E Spec Sheet (Canada)

GP15000E Spec Sheet

GP17500E Spec Sheet

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